You instead invite her to negotiate a contract with you

‘Underneath these agreements, there’s always  lol Reddit this undercurrent of “If we break up” being a “when we break up”. It’s not rational, and it’s uncomfortable.

‘I feel like an easy fix here would be, rather than you insisting she sign a contract that you have devised, you instead invite her to negotiate a contract with you, for what will happen if the worst happens – for example, if one of you dies, or god forbid, you break up. Make it something you do as a team, rather than you bringing it to her.’

Advice: Some users expressed that it would only be fair if his girlfriend also had a lawyer while others insisted he take the child into consideration

Others sought to clarify why the man wouldn’t marry his girlfriend for real.

In a later comment, he admitted that he thinks weddings are too expensive.

‘I’ve always said I have no intention to ever get married because I don’t think we need to spend tens of thousands on one day but we agreed forever fiancés would be ok as long as she gets a ring to show off lol,’ he explained.

While most thought that he was right to ‘protect himself’, some people did raise points about the girlfriend.

‘It makes sense that she’d be hurt if you were to buy a house for you, your gf, and your gf’s daughter to live in and make your gf sign a thing that says it is not in any way her house. You’d basically be saying that she’s a guest on your property, there only as long as you tolerate her. That’s a pretty scary place to be.

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