we again confirmed we were not acting for the Plaintiffs in these matters

None of the claimants or Robert Marsland appeared in court.

In a statement this afternoon, P. Tiernan & Co. Solicitors said: “We received a letter from DAC Beachcroft on the 31st October 2018 which suggested fraud on the part of the Plaintiffs.

“We spoke to the Plaintiffs in relation to this and  “personal injury solicitors Dublin”  advised them we were no longer willing to act on their behalf. We advised the Plaintiffs to discontinue the action but they indicated they were instructing another firm of Solicitors to act on their behalf.

“Accordingly we wrote to DAC Beachcroft on 2nd November 2018 advising that we were no longer acting in the matter and that other Solicitors would be coming on record. We also wrote to each of the Plaintiffs confirming that we were no longer acting on their behalf due to the allegations being made by the Defendant’s Solicitors in respect of the matter.

“In response to an enquiry from DAC Beachcroft on the 6th February 2019, we again confirmed we were not acting for the Plaintiffs in these matters. This position was reiterated by us in a telephone conversation on 8th April 2019, having been informed that day by our former clients that they instructed a new firm of Solicitors.

“It was in those circumstances that we did not apply to formally come off record as we fully expected a new firm of Solicitors to come on record. We asked a Barrister to attend court today as a matter of courtesy to the Court. We had expected the Plaintiffs new Solicitors to be in attendance and to come on record.

“The firm P. Tiernan & Co Solicitors does not act in cases involving claims of a fraudulent nature.”

Joseph Stokes, a 22-year-old gardener; John O’Donnell, 33, and Melissa McDonagh, 26, all of 27 Lynton Close, London; John Christopher McDonagh, 26, of 5 Lynton Close and Bridget Mongan, 31, of 15 Waterford Way, Dollis Hill, London, had all claimed €60,000 each in relation to alleged whiplash injuries they claimed to have suffered in an accident in May 2015 near Sutton Road, Howth, Dublin.

Judge Linnane said that from the affidavit of Mr Culleton it was clear the accident and other accidents and people closely associated with the plaintiffs were part of a sustained pattern of organised insurance fraud.

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