Video/quotes: Hurley on ASU scrimmage, facing Colorado in China

Here is what Arizona State coach Bobby Hurley said about his team ahead of its trip to China, where it will travel this weekend ahead of a Nov. 8 game against Colorado.

On the team’s current injury status:

“We’re moving in a good direction with that. I think we’ll get (sophomore forward) Taeshon Cherry back today and (junior forward) Khalid Thomas today, so that’s real positive. It’ll give us an opportunity to experiment with some other lineups and give some other guys a chance. You know, (sophomore forward) Elias (Valtonen) has really taken advantage of that, he’s played very well while those guys were gone, and got a chance to see (freshman forward) Jalen Graham with (sophomore forward) Romello (White) together, to go with a bigger combination on the frontcourt. So while those guys were out, it gave us a chance to work with some different lineups.”

On the specific injuries of those players:

“Just minor stuff, truc tiep bong da k+ On what he learned from playing UCSB in an informal scrimmage settingstuff that we’re not concerned about at all. Just that (it) would work itself out, and that’s the one plus that we’ve avoided (is) anything major, knock on wood, to this point. So just normal stuff that happens in a training camp situation, just bumps and bruises.”

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