Use TwitScoop to Get More Followers to Your Blog

If you aren’t familiar with a Tag Cloud, you probably should become familiar with it very quickly. It can actually help you and your blog’s subscribers find what they are looking for on your blog .cool twitter fonts In fact, having one on your blog can also help you with SEO since the tags will popup automatically as content on your pages as the crawlers search through your pages.

But first, let’s answer the question of “what is a Tag Cloud”? You’ve probably seen tons of them and haven’t even realized it. If you look at the right hand lower corner of this blog, you’ll notice a section entitled, “Label Cloud”. I named it “Label” because that is the term that BlogSpot uses for tagging up a blog. Under that title, you’ll find a bunch of words in various font sizes. The more popular the word (meaning, the more we’ve written about the word on this blog) the larger the font appears to be for that word. If you click on the word, it’s the same as saying, “find me all blogs that have this word specified in the keywords (synonymous with label and tag) assigned to the blog entry”.

Keywords, labels, tags, oh my…these are the ways in which users will find your blogs, either via organic searches on search engines or through searches on sites like technorati (another site you should become very familiar with, if you haven’t already).

Alright, so you understand that you tag (label or assign keywords to) your blog so that people can find it much more easily, right? You also add a tag cloud or label cloud to your blog to help readers see which words you’ve blogged about a lot. So, what does this all have to do with TwitScoop?

Well, TwitScoop works similarly, in the sense that it provides you with a cloud of words that are currently popular on Tweets currently occurring on all of The bigger the word appears (font wise), the more popular the term happens to be. Pretty cool huh?

I know, I know…you’re probably thinking…SO WHAT!!! How does that help me get more followers to my website?

Well, think about it for a second. If you follow TwitScoop for a few days and realize that there are a few things that people keep mentioning, then perhaps those are the things that you can be adding in your blogs. I’m not saying that you should use those words in your tagging or labeling if you really aren’t discussing it in your blogs. But for example, you are running a political blog, and the majority are constantly talking about gas pricing rising and falling and how they’re affecting the economy, that’s a great connection. Discussing it in your blog is sure to bring more followers to your blog when they perform organic searches because you’re discussing the things that they’re interested in. And since you already know that these are the popular topics (based on the algorithm performed by TwitScoop), you’re almost guaranteed to find new subscribers for your blog.

And to make matters easier, TwitScoop even provides a Gadget for Vista users. Add it to your Gadget bar, click on the Gadget, and out pops a window showing you the currently discussed keywords. Copy or write them down, follow them for a few hours or even days, and you’ve got new topics to write about.

Good luck and let me know if it works for you.

Ken Ramirez is the founder of Axsys Technology Group, a website hosting, website design, and e-marketing company. Ken often lectures about social media marketing, hosting, website design, and many related technologies. Ken can be reached at ken (dot) ramirez (at) axsystechgroup (dot) com.