The Cards And Candy Canes Game

Christmas Carol Pictionary

What you need: A list of Christmas carols written Merry Christmas Wishes on separate game cards and a painter easel (you can also have a white board).

How to play: One person draws a game card without showing the rest. He now has to illustrate the carol to the group who will have to guess the right one!

The Cards And Candy Canes Game

What you need: Cards and candy canes.

How to play: Favourable for a group of six, a dealer will have to deal cards to five players. Place four candy canes in the centre. As the dealer continuously deals out cards, whoever gets four of a kind, like four aces or kings or queens, gets to pick a candy cane. At the end, one person will be eliminated. Repeat this game until you have a winner. Remember, the number of candy canes on the table has to be one less than the number of players.

Christmas Charades

What you need: Cut outs of Christmassy things.

How to play: One guest picks a card and has to act out the object. The others will have to guess it. You can time the one who has to enact to add some pace.

Blindfold Christmas Drawing

What you need: Papers, pens and a blindfold.

How to play: Hand out the paper and pens to each player and blindfold them. One person will now have to call out instructions and the blindfolded players will have to draw the scene out. For example, the one giving out the instructions can say “draw a Christmas tree with a star on it”. At the end, whoever has a better illustration wins.

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