Tazer Guns Guide – What You Need To Know About It And Be Careful Of

Looking to buy tazer guns or just want to learn more about it? This article is just what you were looking for. sell csgo skins for bitcoin You probably want to learn what you should know before buying one. You also heard of the controversies around it. And you may want to know the difference between that and the regular stun guns.

Let’s clarify everything…

So What Are Tazer Guns?

They are what is called “non-lethal weapons” which allows to counter
a threat that is potentially dangerous, but that doesn’t require the
use of a firearm. It is designed to incapacitate the person considered to be a threat,
without the risk of causing death, as is sometime the case with firearms.

Still, these devices pack some serious punch and should be treated like
any other weapon. It is powerful, and it can, in some rare instances,
cause death. It has in the past. In late 2007 in Canada, a man died at
an airport when a police officer fired one of these tazer guns
at someone they concluded was a threat.

But back to what it really is concretely…

This device administers, through the firing of electrodes linked to the
device with a thin wire, an electric shock aimed at disrupting superficial
muscle functions. The person receiving the charge will experience pain and muscle contractions. On more sensitive parts of the body, the pain will be even greater.

If the charge is maintained long enough, the person will drop to the ground,
and may keep someone on the floor for up to 15 minutes.

Advantages Over Regular Stun Devices
What makes tazer guns better than regular stun guns, is the main advantage
they have. Which is you can “fire” at someone from a safe distance away
from the target. In fact you can fire at a distance of up to 15 away from the target.
While with the regular stun devices, you need to put it against the body
of someone at close range, which is much more dangerous since the target
can hit you at that close range.

Factors That Will Affect it’s Effect
The charge will have a varying degree of effect depending on…

  • What kind of clothes the target is wearing
  • The moisture of his skin and clothes
  • The person’s skin type
  • And his resistance

Beware The Cheap Models

Security experts warned people to be very careful about which
model they buy and from who. It seems, as with many types of goods,
that quality can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer. Many foreign
companies are developing and selling cheaper versions of the high quality
American models. Those cheaper tazer guns can be even more dangerous to the user than to the target. So these experts recommend you don’t buy any such devices
selling for under 350 dollars.

What I recommend, especially if you live in the U.S., is to only buy well
known American brand names. Just do a quick Google search and you will be
able to identify which companies you feel comfortable buying from. Just
remember tazer guns are for security purposes and are certainly not innocent toys.