Students at Heritage have interacted with notable Indian artists Rack

“Other schools can see the results, now that it’s happening; they’re getting convinced to make it mandatory.”

‘It’s working’

Darrly Bloud, executive principal of GEMS Heritage, said the school wanted to offer students a “unique” opportunity while also saving Indian performing arts from becoming “a lost cause”. He added that parents and students have welcomed the subject, with some even asking for additional after-school paid classes.

“I think it’s working… this has been a wonderful programme and what also makes me happy is that sometimes great maestros from India visit us through the programme. They come into our school and the children get to know them and learn from them; this is something which has touched all our hearts,” Bloud said.

Meeting gurus

Students at Heritage have interacted with notable Indian artists such as santoor player Shivkumar Sharma, violinist Dr L. Subramaniam and singer Asha Bhosle.

Pupils at GEMS Modern Academy are also learning from performing arts gurus and taking master classes. Toshiko Malhotra, Head of Primary, GEMS Modern Academy, said, “this is a unique initiative in this part of the world. Children learn from mentors, observe the maestros and perform with peers”.

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