Professional interior design made easy

These next-generation consumers are the ones that the entire interior design industry needs to cultivate. By communicating with them in their native digital language and putting the service in front of them in BuyBuyBaby to design their newborn’s nursery, a milestone in young couples’ lives, Decorist is positioned to get a leg up over competing online design services.

But more importantly, it gets an opportunity to introduce these customers to what a professional designer can do, giving it an advantage over traditional designers as well. When these customers face a bigger design challenge later in life and with fatter wallets as their income grows, Decorist is there waiting for them.

“It’s a Pinterest/Instagram world. With so much design inspiration available, people get stressed out and overwhelmed about how to take those ideas and get it to that final magazine-worthy level, which they all want,” Hansen explains. “So we come in, take the ideas, pull it all together and deliver a design that looks good with the proper layout and most especially that works for their lifestyle. The average person doesn’t have the time or expertise to create a beautiful room.”

Decorist designers generally source products from a recommended list of 200 vendors, though they can venture beyond that list to other sources depending on the client’s needs.

Professional interior design made easy

Overall interior designers account for some $78 billion in product recommendations annually, according to the most recent American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) 2019 Outlook and State of Interior Design report. That’s just over 20% of the $341.2 billion spent by Americans on home furnishings last year.

Decorist projects skew toward the decorative side of the business. “We don’t get involved with moving walls or where construction is involved. That’s better left to the personal in-home services, but if someone is keeping their bathroom layout, we can absolutely help them with that,”

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