Prepping for the ABIM Exam: An Internist’s Candid Perspective

For complete disclosure, I am a average test taker. My profession surfaced in high school in my SATs, along with my rankings on succeeding evaluations have gone in relation. From the time I must residency, I had been, much to the chagrin of my residency program manager, satisfied with having an Average Joe. Visit here

My schedule manager was an old school man you would picture from among these stuffy prestigious areas like Hopkins or MGH. Every hospital has a person like him. He has got a mad-scientist shock of white hair, Benjamin Franklin bifocals, a serious demeanor, also quotes the New England Journal of Medicine as readily as a priest estimates the Bible. At our clinic, he was famous for his diagnostic acumen and hot bedside manner-not astonishingly, the remaining doctors in the hospital ship their families .

Most sadly, he was likewise my practice attending, that meant once or twice per weekI spent a day with him becoming pimped and studying each the physical examination skills I failed to pick up at med school.

You can imagine how the conversation went after he analyzed my in-service training outcomes within an intern. I scored a percentile on same topic my schedule spent 12 hours grilling me , that year. This was not an auspicious beginning to a career in medicine.

But there is a silver lining to this story of woe. You see, together with expertise, energy, and a healthy dose of anxiety, my scores on the in-training exam rose with every year of instruction (much to the program manager’s relief). Internal medicine combined with a couple of studying let me finally pass on the ABIM test, although it was nothing my mother will talk about.