Preparing for the ABIM Exam: An Internist’s Candid Perspective

For complete honesty, I am a strongly normal test taker. My test-taking profession topped on my SATs in secondary school, and my percentile positions on resulting government sanctioned tests have gone down in reverse connection with my rising in the clinical pecking order. When I got to residency, I was, a lot to the mortification of my residency program executive, happy with being an Average Joe.  More info


My program executive was an old fashioned person you’d picture from one of those stodgy lofty spots like Hopkins or MGH. Each emergency clinic has someone like him on their inward medication staff. He has a crazy lab rat stun of white hair, Benjamin Franklin bifocals, a genuine manner, and statements the New England Journal of Medicine as effectively as a cleric cites the Bible. At our medical clinic, he was prestigious for his demonstrative astuteness and comfortable bedside way of course, the remainder of the doctors at the emergency clinic send their families to him.


Most sadly, he was likewise my facility joining in, which implied that on more than one occasion per week, I went through an evening with him getting pimped and learning the entirety of the physical test aptitudes I fail to get in medications school.


All things considered, you can envision how the discussion followed he evaluated my in-administration preparing results as an understudy. That year, I scored a 26th percentile on general inner medication a similar subject my program executive/facility going to went through 6 to 12 hours consistently expressly barbecuing me on. This was unquestionably not a favorable starting to a vocation in medication.


Be that as it may, there’s a silver covering to this story of trouble. With experience, vitality, and a solid portion of dread, my scores on the in-preparing test rose with every time of preparing (a lot to the program executive’s alleviation). It was all the while nothing my mother would boast about, however interior medication residency combined with a month of angry considering permitted me to at last breeze through the ABIM assessment with my head held high and my respect flawless.