Multi Level Marketing Online Has Worked Well For Decades – But Can It Be Duplicated Online?

For decades Multi Level Marketing has been a consistent part time money earner for so many people and it is even responsible for financial freedom of apparent “normal folk” when they have applied themselves. Right now Multi Level Marketing is going through a huge boom like we have never seen in the history of the industry. More people are expected to join this residual wealth strategy in the next 10 years than in the last 50 years combined.

What is driving this phenomenal growth right now?

Well it’s a combination of technology such as Skype, online marketing, online video, online webinars and the ever-increasing popularity and advancement of mobile phones. Combine that with rising child care costs, the success of so many others earning their dream income from home, fed up with making their boss rich, unemployment, less confidence and security in the corporate world, traffic jams, etc, all add up to the rush of making money from home with Multi Level Marketing.

It all adds up to people actively looking for a part time opportunity that they can do from home as well as being more open to hearing what others have to offer. Multi Level Marketing has and always will succeed on relationships. It is a people business, a relationship business. Successful people build it on the phone, face to face and in family homes, as this is where you build the relationship, look them in the eye and gain trust, credibility and friendship.

So how can Multi Level Marketing possibly work online then?

Well up until 2010 it didn’t really take off online. Yes people were generating leads and emailing interested prospects and a select few made this work with emails and phone calls to those that passed through their website. But the majority of people still struggled with that relationship and duplication of the business. Plus to get websites built requires a special skill set or a lot of money to outsource. Now, we can build Multi Level Marketing Online just as we did offline using communities such as Facebook and looking at our prospect through video conferencing. People can see us and get to know us on YouTube now that everyone has broadband and a fast Internet connection.

Now, anybody can make Multi Level Marketing Online work with the recent addition to the ready made online systems such as My Lead System Pro and others. No longer do you have to learn how to build websites, write auto-responders and put it all together. These systems can do it all for you.

With in-built online marketing training on how to generate traffic to your website it gives anyone the chance to market their multi level marketing business online.

Use Facebook to build relationships and stay in touch with your community of Entrepreneurs, use video to put your trusting face and knowledge online in front of people, use the custom built multi level marketing systems to market, sift, follow up and present for you. But always make sure you still pick up the phone or Skype and call those that you identify as your top interested prospects. Nothing will ever replace that.

So yes multi level marketing online not only works in 2010/2011 but is the single biggest way to find the best prospects to join your business, you just have to make sure you do it the right way.