Move He Puts Down to His Fascination with the Whimsical

On the other end of the fashion spectrum is Rizwan Beyg, fashion’s quiet revolutionary whose background in architecture changed his perception of the human form. Beyg’s signature look has been the use of pastels — a move he puts down to his fascination with the whimsical. He also renewed interest in the common salwar kameez by launching his own line of printed voile and cotton fabric thereby allowing fashion to reach the masses.

Changing face of fashion

International recognition came when he was asked to design traditional attire for the late Princess Diana during her visit to Pakistan in 1996. The result was an elegant ivory ensemble that practically became a signature collection that made his name a globally recognised brand.

Men’s wear was never a major fashion Buntoshopping segment in Pakistan until Amir Adnan came along and changed shopping habits forever. Adnan’s label originated in Faisalabad, the textile capital of the nation. Despite the reams of fabric being produced in the city, he was quick to notice a lack of creativity there.

His observation led him to begin with a Buntoshopping self-named label that has since turned into one of the largest design houses in Pakistan with an international presence that sees stores as far away as the American West Coast. Adnan’s business background has helped turn a simple idea into a retail behemoth. His label is one of the few to boast an international clientele and online sales.

Not just a businessman, Adnan has also won design accolades and the privilege of dressing the likes of President Pervez Musharraf, Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz and Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan.

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