Looking For Mrs. Right? Prefer an Asian Woman? Some Tips to Land Her

Being a life long bachelor may suit some men. Eventually, most men do get married. Some find Mrs. Right quite easily. http://asianbang.com Some men spend a life time to find her. If you’re ready to settle down, maybe start a family and you prefer an Asian woman, I have tips that may help you. Before we go further, however, the tips offered are for men willing to travel internationally.

Why do I say you should travel internationally? I have been through this journey and along the way I have met a few men who took the same journey as I have. I have seen the success stories and the pitfalls some men have experienced. The tips will allow you to be successful in this journey. Lastly, I have been happily married to my Asian wife for 12 years and we also have an energetic 6 year-old-son!

Ok, where do you start? There are many dating sites on the web. You want to find an international one catering to, for example, US men and Asian females. That would narrow the field just a bit. You should be able to do a quick member search for free to see who the members are and if you’re satisfied with some of the members you saw, join the site. Some sites require a nominal fee for membership. Other sites allow you to join for free to test the site with limited membership features. Then you can upgrade to a paid membership to get all of the features on that site. There are others that are completely free. The choice is yours.

Set up some criteria to search for your future mate. For example, say you’re 35 years old, Catholic, 5’6″ tall, average build, and have Bachelor’s degree. You would do a search such as an Asian woman who is 5’6″ or shorter, petite build, Catholic and Bachelor’s degree as well. Some things may or may not be as important to you. It’s all about compatibility and what you think you’re looking for.

Then you must be willing to invest a lot your time getting to know her inside and out. That starts with viewing their profile and seeing what she’s looking for in a future mate, why she joined the site. If you’re interested in a particular person, the site should allow you to send a quick email response to her or may be a predefined email like a wink message. If she replies and the response is genuine, you took the first step and continue sending website emails back and forth. Use the site’s chat room and Instant Messengers, so you can see each other via web cam and find out as much you can about her. Find out about her family and friends. If given the opportunity, chat with them too. Establish as many contacts as you can and narrow the field as you see fit.

A red flag to take into consideration when getting to know your potential mate. When the initial chatting takes place and she asks for money or says she needs money because Grandma or some other family member is sick. Or money for school tuition. Don’t! It’s probably a scam. Most Asian women won’t ask for money from someone they consider their potential mate. The rule of thumb would be to wait until you actually meet in person and have made up your mind she’s the one. Then sending her money would be legitimate since she would need it to travel to the US Embassy, luggage she would need to travel overseas with, air fare or Visa application fees, for example.

Once you know the time is right to travel overseas to finally meet the serious contenders you met online, you can plan on how many you should meet when you arrive. If you can stay 2 or 3 weeks in their country, plan to meet 3 may be 5 of them. I would not travel overseas just to meet 1 girl. Ask yourself this. Are willing to spend time and money to meet only one girl only to find out she’s not what you expected? The more girls you can meet, the better your chances are that you find Mrs. Right. It’ll be a balancing act with how many girls you should meet and spending enough quality time to make a good decision about who Mrs. Right is for you. You may need to go back again. It all depends on how comfortable you are with that person when you meet and the compatibility factor. Also, be honest and tell the girls you plan to meet other girls there as well.

You found Mrs. Right! Great! You may be tempted to marry her in her own country. You can, but you should wait. Why? It will take much longer for your spouse’s K-1 Visa to be approved. As a result, you should wait to marry her in your country. If you want to marry her in her country, you can also always go back and get married again.

Once you get back to the US, you’ll need to file for Alien Finance’ K-1 Visa application form. You can do this yourself or have someone who specializes in this application. The web site where you joined may have Visa Support. Once the paperwork is filled out and sent to the US INS. It’ll take some time. Usually in about 3 months, could be shorter, could be longer. Once approved, your finance’ will have an interview at the US Embassy in her country as well as a medical evaluation. If everything goes well and her Visa and medical are approved, she can make plans fly to your country in about 10 days.