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Earlier today Microsoft released a new icon for the upcoming Microsoft Edge web browser. Along with it, Microsoft also released a new Easter Egg for Edge Canary. Called SURF game, it allows users to surf and complete objectives to win.

If you were having trouble finding how to enable the Easter Egg then here’s a handy guide that should help you enable the game. Do note that the game works only on the latest Canary build of Chromium-based Edge.


  • To enable it, open Edge Canary and head to any website. Once there, click on the collection icon and create a new collection named “Microsoft Edge”. If you don’t see the Collections icon, then type “edge://flags#edge-collections” into the address bar and enable the collections flag.
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    My cell phone buzzed as I walked into the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum before last month’s 49ers-Rams game.

    A college friend painfully asked how to convert from being a Raiders fan. I’ll snitch so far ​as to reveal that Kevin’s loyalty traces to his childhood days as ​a Raiders ball boy. He is surely not alone in his new 49ers fandom.

    The Bay Area is full of front runners, so, to help, I’ve compiled an “Introduction To 49ers Verbiage” glossary:

    It’s not “San Fran​​,”  or “Frisco.”

    Kyle, not Mike, Shanahan is the coach.

    Nick, not Joey, is their Bosa.

    Levi’s Stadium has no nickname, nor has it earned a clever one. Don’t even try.

    The defensive line has no nickname, but deserves one. (Goldmen Sacks?)

    Jimmy G: Called Jim by his teammates and family but not the media nor fans.

    Jimmie Ward: Not spelled J-i-m-m-y.

    Kwon: The linebacker with “legendary” energy, but he’s now out with a season-ending pectoral tear from Halloween night.

    K’Waun: The nickel cornerback quietly producing a stellar season.

    E-man: Cornerback Emmanuel Moseley.

    Emmanuel Sanders: Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders, who merits full-name respect ​through ​​two games since his trade.

    George Kittle: Likes, no, loves pro wrestling, Panda Express, blocking defenders, fellow tight ends, pregame letters from his dad, the Ric Flair “Woo!!” and his newlywed wife, Claire (this list not in order).

    Zoey: Their French bulldog and the NFL’s first emotional support dog.

    Saleh: Pronounced “SAHL-uh,” their energetic defensive coordinator.

    Kocurek: Pronounced “KOH-sir-ick,” their defensive line’s hype man.

    Deebo: Tyshun Samuel’s nickname since childhood. Better yet, it’s approved by Tiny Lister, who played neighborhood bully Deebo in the movie “Friday,” and he even attended the 49ers’ recent knockout of Carolina

    Respectfully refrain from using “Twin Towers” for 6-foot-7 defensive tackles Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner.

  • Mitch Wishnowsky: Their Australian punter who’s lasted longer and better than Jarryd Hayne, their 2015 Australian import who played running back and punt returner and did neither well after the preseason.

    Boomin’ Onion: A clever nickname Wishnowsky keeps earning with his tackling prowess (and boomin’ punts).

    Chris’ Combo: The off-menu sandwich made by Willow Glen’s La Villa Deli and a road-trip tradition since their last playoff run in 2013.

    Quest for Six: The 49ers’ stale slogan for trying to win a sixth Lombardi Trophy. It’s been 25 years since their last championship.

    Note to Kevin: The Raiders are in Year No. 36 since their last Super Bowl win. So go ahead and take I-880 south to 237 to Great America Parkway. Look for the “Faithful Then” and “Faithful Now” banners at 4900 Marie .

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