Lavender Candles Smell So Good!

When it comes to relaxation few things are more useful than candles. Different types of candles fill different spaces in the home and are used for various different purposes. For example stress therapy candles are used to relax someone who would otherwise be extremely tense.

Scented candles are used to create a specific smell in a room.

Creating this smell in a room allows the host to create a specific atmosphere conducive to whatever it is that the host is trying to accomplish. When it comes to scented candles there are many different aromas which all create their own specific kind of atmosphere. For example some studies have shown that a man can be attracted to a woman if he associates her with the smell of lavender. Seeing as lavender is a mild sedative this makes a certain degree of sense.

The smell of lavender (which can be created by a scented candle) causes a certain amount of relaxation in both men and women because the smell is associated with the sedative ability of the lavender flower. Scented candles are a powerful tool in creating an atmosphere, no matter what you’re trying to create, and lavender candles are perfect for relaxation, as are most scented candles, but lavender is associated with relaxation in the human mind.

While relaxation is the primary benefit of a lavender scented candle, it can also be used to simply make a room feel more relaxing or inviting which means that any social function in the area is bound to go smoother. Whether it be a business meeting or a home study group of sorts having the room scented in lavender eases tensions and makes everyone in the room more at ease because of the simple fact that, the scent is associated with relaxation in the human mind.