Importance of a Clean Chimney

It is very important to make sure that your chimney stays clean at all times. An unattended chimney can gather a lot of ash and tar, which may eventually find its way back to your house. This tar may cause some breathing problems how to clean chimney for you and your family. It is crucial for you to clean your chimney on a regular basis. This will also increase the exhaust rate of your chimney.

Maintenance Duration

If you live in a cold region where it stays cold throughout the year, it is advisable to clean your chimney twice a year. Similarly, if you live in a region where winter season persist for three of four months, it is advisable to clean your chimney before winter starts.

Cleaning OptionsChimney and fireplace add sophistication to your house. It is a good idea to clean this structure of your house even if you don’t use it.

You can hire professional help to get your chimney clean or you can ‘Do it yourself’. In case you decide to clean your chimney by yourself,¬†you need learn how to inspect it by yourself. Firstly, it is important to have a semi-cover at the top of the chimney, this prevents any external debris from falling into the house. One other thing which should be considered while cleaning your chimney is to make sure that the air flow is uninterrupted and unidirectional. If proper maintenance of the chimney is not done properly, there might be a reverse airflow which can fill your room with smoke.

Do It Yourself

If you decide to clean your chimney by yourself, you will need a few tools to help you do the job more efficiently. These tools are simple to use and do not need any training for their use. The most common tools for chimney cleaning are a wire brush, rod, broom and shovel, goggle, safety mask and a bucket or vacuum. Goggles and safety do not have anything to do with the cleaning. They are in fact essential for the cleaner’s safety. The ash can really harm you if it goes into your eyes or lungs. Always make sure to keep safety as your first priority while doing any kind of maintenance work.

The main reason for cleaning your chimney is to avoid disasters like suffocation and fire. You must make sure that you get your chimney cleaned at the appropriate time. Timely cleaning of your chimney is a good preventive measure for your health. On a cold day, the fireplace is probably the most romantic place in your house. If you don’t take good care of this structure, it might end up being a deal breaker.