The average office person receives 121 emails a day and there is no doubt that it is a challenge to get your email open.

Let’s suppose someone gets a cold email in their inbox from you. Why would they open it? They have no idea who you are, what you are doing, and why they should be concerned about what you are offering. How could they believe you’re the right person and not a scammer?

This does not mean that emailing prospective customers should be completely forgotten. Email is one of the safest ways to communicate with your audience and communicate with them. Only the spray-and-pray email days are over. Alternatively, by taking the following steps, you need to change your approach to cold emailing.

Let get into the details of how to generate sales with cold emailing:

Find the right person:

This is obvious when you made pizza ovens, you would like to speak with restaurants with not engineers or doctors. In other words, target only the individuals or organizations that may benefit from what you deliver. Take into account factors such as location, demographics, and interests. Think about the product, fashion, and voice with which you would like to work. If they don’t agree with you, then go somewhere else.

Find the right person within the company to contact after you have selected your audience. Ideally, this is the person who decides to use your product or service. If you can’t connect with them, at least interact with someone within the organization who can introduce you to the main decision-maker.

The good news is that you can email checker of the person you’re looking for. If you know the name and domain of that person then the “Find Email Address” tool would surely the right choice for you. It is the best email verifier you can ever get plus it is free.

Figure out the problems of your prospect:

Try to figure out the problems of your prospect and how your services can help them to overcome this pain point. Let suppose, you’re an attorney and you’re just reading in the local paper that a client suing a small business then that’s a problem you might be dealing with. Same as that figure out the problem of your prospect.

Attractive Subject Lines:

Are you aware that 35% of email recipients open their emails because of the subject line? So Subject Line helps you a lot in getting sales.

Subject lines need to be clear and concise and “include exactly what your email is about.” And the subject line should be fairly short so that it reads well on the mobile phone, and you should never send an email without a subject — because they don’t get opened.

Your subject line should be based on the needs of your prospect and your approach should be presented. For instance, if you were a manufacturer of the pizza oven, your subject line might be like “Joe, are you tired of soggy pizzas?

Talk to the point:

“People don’t have much time to read your emails all day long. They’re just going to have a few minutes in most cases— or less. So, to get what you want from an email, “be brief, direct and to-the-point,” Rose writes.

“In fact, after reading your email’s first few sentences, the recipient should already have a general understanding of its purpose.” This means avoiding phrases like “How are you doing?” and “I hope this email will find you well.” Your prospect doesn’t care.

Reading an email and forget to respond is common— and emails are known to get lost in spam. So, if you haven’t heard back in about a month, it won’t hurt to follow up. Most people don’t care about a gentle reminder.

Note that If after two or three attempts you haven’t heard back, then your prospect probably isn’t interested in your services.

Final Thoughts:

These rules helped many business owners to increase their sales. But Cold emailing has a set of rules which you have to adapt.Cold emails are not a waste, they just need to be correct and you are ready to hit your targets.

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