Houston Remodeler Is Keynote Speaker in Japan Cities Tour

TEXAS  NOVEMBER 1stHouston Remodeler Dan Bawden, Pres & CEO of  Legal Eagle Contractors just returned from a construction-based speaking tour in Japan.  The tour took place between October 5th to October 12th, 2019.

A nationally recognized expert-in-aging place design, Bawden was invited to Japan by the U.S. Department of Commerce to do a three-city tour as the Keynote Speaker.  He traveled to Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka Japan by bullet train to address residential construction trade organizations in those cities.

Attendees included home-builders, architects, designers, and materials suppliers,including lumberyard dealers.  In each city, members of the local U.S. Consulate also attended.  Mr. Bawden spoke to the groups through Japanese translators, who also assisted with the questions posed by Japanese attendees at the conclusion of the Keynote presentations.

home remodeling marietta ga, Dan Bawden’s keynote presentations were about aging-in-place home modifications for the exploding senior population in Japan.  “Japan has 100,000 people reaching the age of 100 years every month!” says Bawden after researching the demographic trends in Japan. “Their senior segment growth far exceeds that of the U.S.There are three reasons for this:  People live far longer because of their low-fat diet, the availability of good quality health care, and a strong sense of community and family,” says Bawden.

“The second reason their senior population comprises such a high percentage is ever-decreasing birth-rates.  This is occurring because of the strong cultural norm that men a be the breadwinners, and women are to raise families.  The Japanese economy is tougher than you might think. A high percentage of young men have part-time, and freelance jobs to make ends meet.  They simply cannot afford to have children to due to wide-spread ”economic insecurity”.The employment market is very competitive.  Only about twenty percent of men have long-term stable employment with one or two companies for the rest of their lives.  This means stable employment is at all-time low – a cultural shift from the way it used to be.   Young women are still expected to marry, remain in the home and raise children but more and more often are forced to work until they can afford to start a family”.

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