Free Love making Positions Guide – How to Have Explosive Sex


One of the greatest challenges of men in bed is to find out the best love making positions to satisfy women. They fear their women get bored with sex and seek comfort else where. It is no wonder sales of Kama Sutra products continue to soar regardless of economy downturn.

If you want to try new love making positions and make sex exciting, it’s not necessary to resort to Kama Sutra. Read on as we reveal free love making positions guide to show you the right way to have explosive sex:

Important note on foreplay

“I think you’re running into a lot of trouble if your idea of foreplay is: brace yourself honey, here I come! ” – Philip McGraw

Foreplay is an integral part of love making you can’t afford to miss. It prepares you and your partner for sex and helps to build up the sensation ดูหนังโป๊. According to experts, it takes minimum 15 minutes of arousal time before a woman can orgasm.

So how do you make the best out of foreplay? Foreplay is so much more than just kissing to touching. Askmen. com said it brilliantly: “Foreplay should include anything and everything your woman enjoys – kissing and caressing are always appreciated, but don’t limit to the old standbys. ” We suggest the following activities to spice up foreplay: watching porn movies together, sizzling eyes contact, dirty talk, sensual massage, and oral sex.

2 Best Love making Positions

If you want to give her great climax, it is important to be in the positions that allow exotic stimulation to her clitoris and G-spot. Here are 2 recommended love making positions:

#1. The Goat and the Three: it is one of the popular women on top positions. In this position, you sit on a firm chair with supporting back. She sits on your thigh and face against you. Then, she moves her hips up and down on your penis shaft. She gets to control the depth and angle of penetration for maximum arousal. Although this position restricts your movement, you can fondle her clitoris and breasts to stimulate her.

#2. 69 position: this position allow both partners to achieve orgasm simultaneously via orgasm. Firstly, apply generous amounts of lubricants over your fingers. Then, lie on your back and position yourself to face her genitals. Next, stimulate her clitoris with your fingers until you observe increasing wetness. As she is getting excited, lick and kiss her clitoris, perineum, vagina and labia. When done correctly, oral sex alone is sufficient to send her great orgasm.

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