Fitness Health

How would you feel if you had a simple routine that won’t take up any extra time from your daily regiment? How would you feel if you stepped on that scale and noticed that “hey Ive lost 2 pounds” testo max I know that this doesn’t sound like a lot of weight to lose but over a weeks time and extended to a month this could make the difference between fitting into your swimsuit or not, just before the summer rolls around.

Alright like I said “simple” easy exercise that absolutely anyone can do. First that elevator that you see everyone jumping into…. skip it, take the stairs, if you do 3 flights of stairs a day it is no different then doing the stair stepper that will tone the heck out of your buns, I promise. I am not talking about climbing a building just few flights a day that’s all. Cleaning the house, almost everyone does it, put a little hop in your step, turn on the tunes and dance a with the vacuum, speeding up how fast you do your cleaning may sound silly but elevating your heart rate will increase you to burn more calories and will increase the amount of endorphins in the brain to bring you to a happier state of mind. Walking at a brisk pace instead of driving 3 blocks to grab that Slurpee on a hot day, studies have suggested that walking at a brisk pace for 3 or more hours a week can reduce your risk of heart disease and that dreaded arthritis. Personally I don’t want to have to rely on my scooter being charged just to get me to where i need to go because my ankles are so sore that I cannot walk. Alright those were just a few exercises that anyone can do on a daily basis there really are a number of activities and sport related hobbies that you can pick up along the way as you feel more healthy from doing your “simple exercises” on a regular basis, etc, rollerblading if your comfortable on wheels, bike riding, skiing in the winter, kayaking, local hikes. The list really does go on.

I will have to say though that exercise is only less then a quarter of the battle, yes this will increase your ability to burn more calories and give you more endurance, but without the help of a healthy diet your targeted goals will be less effective in achieving in that short amount of time you were hoping for. Just packing an apple or maybe some diced vegetables will help your hunger cravings from the McDonald’s you just walked past while engaging in your new healthy lifestyle. Self preparedness and a little dedication to yourself will take you that extra mile down the road to the wealthy healthy lifestyle you can achieve.