Effective Affiliate Business Marketing Online

It can be one of the most frustrating challenges – and one of the most satisfying achievements – affiliate business marketing online doesn’t have to be a chore. Increasing sales for your affiliate business can be simple and effective if you have a plan. From keyword research to article-writing and social marketing, affiliate business marketing online can flow easily, and be effective.

Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing online or you’ve been slogging away at if for a while now without much success, it’s worth considering the first impression visitors are getting when they land on your web page. Promoting your affiliate link directly – which of course will take your visitor to the company’s page – is simple and easy, and you can start immediately; BUT depending on the company, it could well be the reason your visitors are not converting to customers. Building a simple “landing page” means you can pre-sell the product – and you can make that page personal, which is much more appealing to potential customers.

Creating a landing page doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. There are places online where you can create landing pages quickly and easily from ready-made templates, and then customize them. If you’re a little more experienced (or are willing to learn), you can make your landing page a “squeeze page” – which will help you to build a mailing list of interested prospects. Of course, you will put your affiliate link on your landing page, preferably in the form of a banner and/or with a good “call to action”.

It really is worth rather spending a bit of extra time on keyword research than to try and compete for keywords. This is the foundation of any affiliate business marketing online. Here’s the method I use: Use a good keyword research tool (Google has a free one) and type in a general phrase relating to your topic. This will bring up variations on your keyword. Sort by competition – you want the lowest competition key phrases at the top. Now go down the list and look for key phrases which have at least 1 000 searches per month, but don’t have a lot of competition. They’re not easy to find, but it is worth setting aside plenty of time to leisurely make your way through the various lists. A good tip for this is – look at it as a treasure hunt, I find this helps me to enjoy the process rather than feel that it’s a chore.

Now you have your keywords, you’ve made sure they’re on your landing or squeeze page, and you’ve made sure your landing page is optimized – in other words, it pre-sells the product. The next step in effective affiliate business marketing online is to start writing articles around your chosen keywords. The quickest, simplest way to write articles for affiliate business marketing online is: 1. Choose 4 or 5 points or facts – either from your own knowledge or from your research; 2. Open a word document, and write “Introduction” and “Conclusion” with the 4 or 5 points between the two in list form. 3. Write a few sentences introducing the article under “Introduction”, and then expand on each of the 4 or 5 points you’ve made as separate paragraphs. Finally, summarize in the conclusion, what you’ve just said. Delete the headings, proof-read and submit.