Commander Returns From a Community Building off Base

Commander tells the electronic intelligent personal assistant (e.g., Amazon Alexa1) at his house to lock all doors. Smart Street lights turn on as his car approaches. As the commander approaches his office building, a biometric scan allows him access to the parking and the building. His room temperature, news/music are all set to his desired/known preferences. Vehicle telematics shows the vehicle was recently serviced.

10:00 Hrs. – Commander returns from a community building off base – License plate recognition, facial recognition, facial scan for passengers and explosives/threats inside the car – all this done instantly as he drives through.

13:20 Hrs. – Commander receives an YTD video downloader crack 16:32 Hrs. – Gunshot heard on campus and the Commander was immediately notified of the location of the shooter. The Gunshot detection solution triangulated the gunshot to a location other than the gun range and the drone patrol camera tracked the shooter and started streaming video of the scene. The Drone patrol camera automatically zoomed in on the suspect and captured close- ups of the shooter and the scene. Security arrived on the scene armed with real-time situational awareness on their mobile devices.alert that someone with an FBI’s terrorist profile tried to access the base as a passenger and was detained successfully by the guard. FBI arrived within minutes, having received notification at the same time. Smart Surveillance solutions with facial and license plate recognition works seamlessly with vast amounts of data shared between agencies to instantaneously make entry/no entry decisions.

18:45 Hrs. – Water quality Alert -increased levels of toxin Arsenic identified, Time occurred between 16:30- 16:45 detected at 16:45pm, potential impact to residents of buildings 85, 87, 89. Potential consequences of ingestion – diarrhea, vomiting and death. Action taken – automatically shut off main water supply to the buildings 85, 87, and 89. Backup water supply tested safe and has been activated for those buildings. Public Works on post and Utilities (off post) have been alerted. Water quality data has been distributed. Using a Global messaging solution, impacted personnel have been notified to only drink filtered water.

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