Choosing a Natural Animal Hide That Is Right for You

Animal hides are back in fashion and customers are renewed in their confidence in buying products that are a natural by-product of the meat processing industry – so if you can buy leather shoes then you can buy an animal hide with a guilt free conscience. Hide My WP While there are many design factors one can consider with this amazing natural material, ultimately, the purchase of a natural hide for your office or home is a personal choice to suit your preferences.

Ensure Your Hide will Complement Your Space and Mood

Before buying a hide, measure carefully the space you wish to furnish so that you will know precisely the size of hide you will need for this purpose. Hides can vary greatly in size, so knowing how large a hide you need before you purchase is an important factor in your choice. If you plan to use a hide for upholstering furniture then consider the amount of excess material you will need to cover your item. While symmetrical, natural hides can have many different shapes you will need to ensure you have some excess to fit in with the upholstering process. If you are unsure how much material you need, consult an experienced upholsterer or furniture maker.

Try to Have a Look at the Hide Before You Buy

If possible, try to look at the hide before you purchase it. Many retailers, especially on the web, display representative skins on their sites, but then go onto sell hides with inferior quality or patterns. The best retailers photograph each hide individually so you know exactly the hide you will be getting. Also, try to look for patches in the hide. While most cuts, repairs, and brands are mostly unnoticeable, and are an inevitable result of the tanning process, a few may be unsightly, and are often only noticed once the hide is installed in-situ.

Buy Only from Trusted and Reliable Sources

Many dealers in natural hides do not sell them with interior design in mind. Many are simply taxidermists or dealers who do not understand the material. These people should be avoided. If you talk with a dealer, ask where their hides come from. Ask how they are tanned and which type is which. Chromium tanning is one of the best methods to fix the proteins in the skin and ensure the hide is hard wearing and long lasting. Likewise, if you plan to use a hide for upholstering, consult your dealer on the best person to do this. Because of the innate durability and thickness of hide, many inexperienced upholsterers can have difficulty with natural hides.

A Hide Will Last Nearly a Lifetime – Buy with Care

Once you have selected a hide that is right for your tastes, your space, and your expectations of quality, you should be happy with your purchase. Not only can you rest assured that your purchase is a unique style addition to your own space winning compliments for many years to come, but by placing a hide in your office or home you are making an informed statement of your appreciation for cutting edge modern style and design. You have also bought one of the most durable, long lasting materials known to man, and you can rest assured that your purchase will keep its lustrous sheen and natural coat for many years to come.