A Simple Question That Can Fail You For a Job

Why does the interviewer always asks such a question, “What are your hobbies?” In answering this question you need to know what is meant to ask you about your hobbies. Many job applicants fail because of their inability to answer such a question, they don’t understand what hobbies mean, they often misunderstand and are not sure of what hobbies they should mean when asked, they know always think that the hobbies they have are always good hobbies for them to have, they forget that our hobbies may be good and bad, which don’t support us for the job when we wrongly mention the hobbies the interviewer asks.

Why does the applicant ask us about our hobbies in a job interview? I learn that the applicant needs to get to know the “real you” that you can not lie. This is especially important as they need to know that you would be a good fit for the role personality-wise, as well as by your skills and experience. While this question is about you as a person and you should be honest, it’s also a great way of tipping the scales in your bandarq, especially if you feel that you haven’t impressed the interviewer enough so far.

So when asked, you should not answer with such answers like “I like shopping” or My hobbies are sight-seeing and window-shopping”, especially when the applicant applies for the job of secretary or “I like partying”, “My hobbies are spending money playing poker online“, I like painting town, etc, when you apply for the finance, these sound ridiculous. I suggest such answers to the question must be avoided and they are not going to paint you in the best light – so you must avoid anything that could be frowned upon or viewed as something that could affect your performance in work like drinking or gambling as a bad habit.

You should also avoid mentioning hobbies like “I like “watching TV”, “listening to music” or “keeping fit”, “I am fond of cooking”, these are generic and boring hobbies that don’t really mean anything-they add no value to you as a candidate. Instead you should mention such good hobbies as ” I am involved in sport competition” or “I play soccer”. This is a good to mention to promote your people skills to your prospective employer or “I play music or sing in a choir”, it is worth mentioning because this shows that you work well within a team, results-oriented and love a bit of competition, they are all positive traits in the workplace so you need to show that your hobbies you have shows off your dedication and self-discipline, rather than giving off the impression that you’ve just made your hobbies up on the spot.